Ascona - Centro Monte Verità

Published on: 28 marzo 2012
The fascinating story of Monte Verità begins back in the year 1900, when a group of idealists from northern Europe settled on the hill above Ascona to found a colony, later transformed into a sanatorium, called "Monte Verità", an ideal community, far from the city and its materialism, and close to nature and its simplicity.
Twenty years later, the hill was acquired by Baron Eduard von der Heydt, German banker and passionate art collector, who with the construction of his hotel in 1928, brought to Ascona the Bauhaus architecture, as well as a famous primitive, extra-European art collection. Today, Monte Verità is a modern congress centre for international conferences and seminars; it has a Bauhaus hotel with 70 beds, a restaurant with panoramic terrace over the Lake Maggiore, a park of 70’000 sq m, a plantation of green tea and events in the tea House, a tennis court and a wide WIFI net. Since 1989, the federal Polytechnic of Zurich has settled its seminar centre there, in the Centro Stefano Franscini, for scientific and humanistic research conventions, with international allure. Among the more than 600 personalities who have stayed at the Monte Verità: Hermann Hesse, Carl G. Jung and many Nobel Prizes. Monte Verità Via Collina 84 CH-6612 Ascona Tel. +41 (0)91 785 40 40 Fax +41 (0)91 785 40 50


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